Mary’s Bi-Weekly Scrapbook… Oops, Missed One!

Happy December, everyone, and I hope you’re having a lovely Friday wherever you are in the world. I completely missed that the biweekly post was supposed to be LAST week, not this week. Whoops.

Not a lot to report in the last three weeks! It’s been very quiet and calm here, and winter is quickly settling down with a lot of wind and rain. But it’s only now gotten cold enough for me to dig my winter coat out of my storage unit downstairs!

We went to Ikea with Anthony and Ashley and had a blast looking around, goofing off (as usual), and grabbing treats. I sampled this AWESOME mulled fruit drink and purchased a bottle along with these two jams. I’ve been missing all things elderflower since returning from England, so it’s nice to have the elderflower & citrus marmalade again 🙂 And the mulled drink was a wonderful hot treat during our American Thanksgiving meal on Friday; we always order Festive Specials from Swiss Chalet. It’s our tradition, and adding the drink to it makes it even more special.
12208783_10153363923203337_2401435193680116800_nLiat and I also grabbed these cute-yet-weird plushes while at Ikea. They’re part of a series designed by children all over the world, and this was a skunk designed by a little girl in the UK. The proceeds go to charity, so it’s a feel-good thing even if it looks weird 😉 I just loved the “meh” face it has!
11988596_10153363989483337_7884454671597898972_n“Meh” wasn’t very happy when I couldn’t find cranberry Somersby at the LCBO where Liat’s dad works, though.
11226906_10153363923283337_7652712148103270448_nI got two amazing packages in the mail from my friend Grace! One is part of our autumn swap and another is Christmas gifts. Well, I couldn’t wait until Christmas to open the latter, so I just had to! And look what I got!

Halloween Oreos, a fab pumpkin candle, stationery, cards, one of Grace’s famous mix CDs, and the flowery envelope in the very back contained several fantasy art prints.12294790_10153395691278337_6629562082022975020_nThese are the prints! I love them all SO MUCH. One day I’m going to have a wall fully devoted to these and all the others I’ve purchases at conventions.
12310423_10153396310773337_5608943157041294997_nHere’s a couple more gorgeous prints that came with the Christmas package. I LOVE them, especially the one that looks like Emma Watson (plus, it’s done in coloured pencils, which I really admire!).
prints2Check it out, a CARIBOU MUG!!! Squee! And I can’t wait to have this hot cocoa later in the month, perhaps while watching a Christmas movie 🙂12308643_10153395690688337_1989473729909912845_nThere were loads of little treats here in the Christmas package, including these AMAZING soaps that scented the entire box, stationery, a CD by We Are the Dreamers (I love getting new music recommendations and Grace even had this signed for me!), chocolate that tasted like heaven, little bath items, and candles. The three bars of chocolate contained things like orange zest, almonds, and coffee beans, and they were equally awesome.12346408_10153395691408337_667250095709965601_nAnd here’s the little box I have ready to send to Grace! I hope it’s up to par with what she sent and that she likes everything 🙂
12311294_10153395691658337_2978103545593738369_nIt’s hard to believe it’s December now. It doesn’t quite feel like it, I suppose because there isn’t any snow on the ground yet and we haven’t decorated. But seeing all the beautiful decorations everywhere we look is really putting me in the spirit!12345454_10153395693533337_8941924028324871401_n
12316447_10153396309988337_2427827272034000311_nA few days ago, I found an actual mascot for my art name, Pink Caribou. While McDonalds was having their free coffee run until the 26th of November, we found that the new Happy Meal toys were from Build-a-Bear and they had this little lady!
12301745_10153384024513337_8014085885441609585_nYesterday we met Susie for dinner at the Vietnamese place we love. It began to rain and snow and the roads were bright and shiny with headlights and Christmas lights. Then we went back to her apartment, had tea and snacks, and watched Elf, which is my favourite holiday movie along with It’s a Wonderful Life. There are just some moments, some days like this where I feel such a keen love and gratitude for my life. I so dearly love every moment of December.

Today, the girls and I met up with my ex’s mom, Elisa, who we keep in contact with. It’s been a LONG time since we hung out! She bought us Timmies and we all bought the newest ornament, which is the cutest little snowglobe with a tiny Tim Hortons store inside. We all had sugar cookie lattes and… sugar cookies 🙂
12341500_10153396309828337_1610943252702709306_nIt was fun catching up and laughing together. After Elisa left, the girls and I did a little shopping. Centrepoint Mall, at the corner of Yonge & Steeles, often gets a bad rap for being small and “for old people”, but the girls and I absolutely love going there. It’s a cozy place and there’s lots of fun shops we enjoy, as well as some new ones that we’d never been in before.

Now the girls and the dog and I have settled down with tv and our blankets, and I’m about to make some tea and work on a gift I’m making for my mother 🙂 It’s a good evening, and yet another one where I’m so in love with my life.

I’ll be seeing you soon with some new art I’ve been working on! Have a great weekend, lovelies!


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