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I will never hesitate to tell you that I’m a sucker for reading. Here lately I’ve been drawn into the fantastic, glittery, heart-hugging world of some great magazines that are far better suited becoming a collection of inspiration and being referred to again and again until the spines are worn and the pages are falling out. I love this growing library, and with it I can relax and be inspired.

I  dearly love the following magazines and get really excited to get hold of them as often as possible! Check out my thoughts on them below!



Run by two lovely Dutch women, Flow is a chunky magazine filled to the brim with beautiful art, inspiration, advice, interviews with super interesting folks, and even recipes and freebies, all separated into sections called Feel Connected, Live Mindfully, Spoil Yourself, and Simplify Your Life. I’m in love with these free extras, too!

Flow even has four special books coming out this year. There’s the Book for Paper Lovers and Love & Life, both of which are out now. There’s also The Big Book of Drawing and Mindfulness & Creativity, both coming out in August. I plan to purchase at least one of them!


This is more of a book than a magazine, and truly I think it deserves space on the old bookshelf. Another women-run magazine, Caboodle shines with tons of craft ideas, recipes, fashion, artwork, and other wonders. They’re always looking for new creative content, so once I figure out what on earth I’d like to do, I’ll submit a few things! When the new issue comes out twice a year, older issues go on sale and that’s when I like to grab them up.

Project Calm

Project Calm is rather like Flow in its lovely collections, craft and hobby ideas, interviews with super interesting artistic types, and tips on mindfulness and self-nurturing. And, like Flow, it’s really great at quieting my chaotic, anxious mind and helping me destress. It also has really lovely freebies and short stories.

Mollie Makes

Mollie Makes is what I’m currently subscribed to. It’s my main go-to for everything creative, and I love to flip through past issues and find more inspiration. Along with fascinating interviews, there’s tons of craft projects, and there’s always a freebie to create! It’s a great source of artisans to find and follow online, too!

Daphne’s Diary

I’d been curious about this magazine for some time, and I finally picked up a copy the other night. It’s jam-packed with charm and whimsy! Anecdotes, poetry bits, interesting freebies, recipes, ideas, and tons and tons of inspiration. It carries a pleasant old-fashioned-yet-modern sort of feel, the kind that has me wanting to break out some lace doilies and fine china.



Know of any more awesome magazines that I should check out? Let me know in the comments or on social media!

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