Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

Howdy everyone! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods! I haven’t done a decent post in ages, really, so I’d like to post about a wonderful vintage fair I went to last Saturday.

Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair runs all across the country at different times and locations, but this time it was a two minute walk from home inside Leicester Mercure The Grand Hotel. After a rather cruddy couple of weeks, it was nice to dress up a bit and go get lost in decades past. The hotel itself is just as gorgeous as it is on the outside! Sadly, I don’t have an outside photo for you today, but I hope you all enjoy these photos from indoors!

It was such a lovely time with great people to talk to and loads of vintage fashion to ogle. I didn’t try the cafe with its cakes and drinks as I didn’t have much cash, so that’s the only thing I feel I missed!

I will tell you I had an embarrassing incident with my tights. Toward the end of my visit, they suddenly rolled down so fast it was like a Roman blind rolling open in an old cartoon! Before I knew it they’d dropped to just above my knees! Luckily my dress was long enough to cover them, but I hobbled around with very small steps for a while, searching for a dressing area at one of the booths or a bloody bathroom and TRYING not to look terribly suspicious. I did get a stare or two! I slowly made my way out into the main hallway and down the grand stairs, where I saw the most glorious sign ever — one pointing to the women’s bathroom off to my right.

SAVED! I shuffled into a stall and rearranged my tights, then straightened my dress out with as much dignity as I could muster.

On to the next vintage fair, whenever that shall be!


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