Leicester Caribbean Carnival Parade

Hi everyone! The Caribbean Carnival was back again this past weekend, filling Victoria Park with a huge celebration of colour, heritage, and life. Jon and I didn’t go to the park, but we waited for the early-afternoon parade to wind its way up London Road and come down our street. You might remember from this Neck of the Woods post from last year that we watched it from our windows. This time, the weather was far nicer and we wanted to get down by the action!

I took my phone, and while the Huawei Honor series has pretty decent cameras, I was blinded by the sunlight and just couldn’t see my screen. So none of those photos turned out, sadly. As the parade continued up Charles Street and turned to pass the Clock Tower and come down Gallowtree Gate and Granby Street, I ran inside and grabbed my poor neglected Nikon, then went back down the street to get these photos that hopefully captured some of the fun exuded by everyone walking the parade.

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