Here Lately – Preparing for Home

Hello, loves! Happy Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

Jon and I haven’t done much since the last “Here Lately” post, mainly because our colds were simply awful and just weren’t letting go. It’s been an unfortunate thing because the weather here has been absolutely GORGEOUS! But we’ve been out a few times to have dinner with a friend or three, with me trying new places that Jon had been wanting to take me to. These include IMGE in Coalville (amazing Turkish meals), Kura Kura in Loughborough (delicious pan-Asian), and Turtle Bay in Leicester (Caribbean; they have an awesome goat burger!).

I did go to the Measham carboot with Nanny Pat, Aunt Yvonne, and Amelia the Sunday before last. It was a warm sunny morning that quickly turned grey and drizzly, and so the sellers began packing up early and we left earlier than usual. None of us found very much, and a good deal of the sellers were charging a lot for things anyway. My cold hated me for going out, so I headed home after that and relaxed!

This past Saturday, Holly and Simon took us to Warwick Castle, which is rife with history going back eight centuries and has lots to see and do. I didn’t bring along the Nikon, and the bright sunlight was so harsh that most pictures I took with the iPod didn’t turn out that well! We visited the State Rooms and the wax figures, climbed the towers, had a picnic while watching the birds-of-prey show, and visited said birds in their sanctuary.

13139224_10153737426768337_4589717625556805872_n13096195_10153737427188337_1317252176028724845_n13133086_10153737428658337_3690018685545241252_n13179223_10153737428598337_1514198548125872106_nSeeing the birds up close was spectacular. That’s when I wished I’d brought the good camera! There were GIGANTIC sea eagles, and I was proud of the fact that I can tell the male and female bald eagles apart (with many thanks to Raptor Resource Project!).

13151579_10153737428373337_915488870217382333_n13164279_10153737428428337_8332627673967572201_n13179229_10153737426578337_6652812102602622826_n13124822_10153737426608337_9038967600361785327_n13179284_10153737426698337_3052454452969165962_nMan, I’d love to have that bed!

While I was climbing the towers, I discovered that I have claustrophobia coupled with a fear of heights. The stairs are so steep and narrow and they spiral up very sharply, and my out-of-shape body certainly didn’t help as I began to hyperventilate and have a panic attack. It was embarrassing. But I made it, and I was SO very happy to be on the ground again. I hope I don’t ever have to climb a castle tower again in my lifetime!

As I write this, there’s less than twenty-four hours to go before I’m high in the sky. I have everything packed, and I’ve gotten as much immigration stuff done as I could possibly do for now. My clothing is neatly folded away with a few final things currently in the dryer, I’m having a cup of tea, I’m tidying up the bedroom after myself, I’m a little worried my suitcase will be too heavy again, and I’m coughing from using dry shampoo on my newly-dyed-deep-cherry-red hair. I’m taking a final cursory look around the room after this blog entry so I make sure I’m not missing anything. I’ll be meeting Jon at the Leicester train station after he’s done work, and we’re spending the night in Birmingham. Tomorrow morning, I fly from Birmingham Airport.

I’m trying so hard to not feel the usual horrible depression and emptiness that I feel whenever we separate. As long as all goes well with immigration, this should be the last time we’re forced apart, so at least there’s an end in sight now.

And I have the strong feeling that I should really focus on enjoying my time left with my best friends. Make memories, have fun, and savour each day. There’s only one Liat and one Alora in this world, and nobody will ever replace them.

packingGoodbye, England, yet again.

Please wish me a safe flight, and that it won’t be long before Jon and I are together permanently!

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