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Today marks six years since I arrived in Canada, driven relentlessly by Caribou, who finally quieted in approval and satisfaction as soon as I crossed the border.

I took a leap of intuition.

While I had been with Trevor for four years prior to this, we had only met in person seventeen days before, and the decision for me to go to Canada with him occurred several months before, when spring was just a spark on the horizon.

The original idea was for him to visit me for a couple weeks, then later in the summer or fall I would go visit him, then we would see what would happen from there. But it didn’t feel right. No, my inner self told me. You need to be in Canada permanently.

My mind and heart had closed on Virginia a year or so before. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be there any more; I was supposed to be somewhere else entirely. At that point, I never considered moving to another country, but on clear warm nights when I stood outside and watched the stars, I knew. The North Star shone at me and I gazed northwards, feeling my heart bounding over the Appalachians. It was a strange itchy desire, nagging at my every cell and tugging constantly. It made me restless and unhappy. That’s how Caribou urged me.

So in late winter of 2008, I knew where I needed to go. And I wasn’t going to pass up on the opportunity, because when would I be able to if I didn’t now?

It was utterly natural for me to declutter my belongings and pack what I wanted to take with me. It was utterly natural to talk about it with Trevor. I knew. We knew. The ancient power of intuition (and my totem!) was at work.

And when we finally crossed the border into Canada in the late afternoon of June 12th, 2008, my heart was full and my soul was happy. I knew. This was what was supposed to be.

Until I feel my intuition guiding me elsewhere, I know that I’m still supposed to be here. Even if Trevor and I part ways, I will remain in this beautiful country that I’m proud to call home.

What is something you truly know with your soul?

Love and light,

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