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Why I Journal

This is a digital scrapbook page I made in 2010 about my journals.

I began journaling when I was eight years old, when my parents bought me a pastel blue lock-and-key diary that had a picture of a fluffy tabby kitten on it. The pages were edged gold and I fell in love with that tiny book where I could say whatever I wanted to say without the fear of anyone reading it.

This was followed by countless years of keeping journals of all kinds, where I was free to write down my dreams, fears, the day’s happenings and how I reacted to them, my mental illness, and often lists or erotic fiction. Sometimes I wrote slowly, relaxed, savouring. Other times I wrote frantic and jagged, filling page after page with my anxiety, sadness, or anger.

When online diaries such as Livejournal hit their peak, I loved the idea of sharing my thoughts and happenings with friends who were doing the same. I couldn’t be as open as I was in my private journals, but I didn’t think there was any point to writing in those hardcover books any more. When would I ever read them again? Why would I want to hold on to bad memories and negative energies? I stopped writing in my journals altogether, and when I did, I felt frustrated that all I was doing was scrawling out my depression and misery all the time.

Yet I held on to that box of journals, occasionally pulling a few out to read back. I began to see patterns in my mental illness, and rediscovered poems, ideas, and dreams that I had completely forgotten about. I had forgotten how truly beneficial journal-writing was, especially in a pretty book, and especially when you desperately need to vent and no one wants to listen.

To be honest, I’ve been far more depressed from NOT keeping a journal!

The healing powers of journaling are truly like no other, and I find them to be especially helpful now on my spiritual path.

Now I keep a number of journals, and I have returned to that joy of writing anything that comes to mind. This includes my little Book of Shadows, whose recycled cotton pages are slowly being filled.


All my current journals except for my BoS. I hope to graduate to a beautiful leatherbound journal one day, but what’s most important is on the inside.

Love and light,

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