It’s the Best Time of the Year

Day 12 – Memory of Christmas Past


One of my favourite Christmases was in 1999, when I was 15.  I have a memory of my sister Susan and I sitting at the base of the tree, covertly squeezing and poking all the gifts addressed to us and counting how many there were for each person.  We did this nearly every day leading up to the 25th, and our excitement and anticipation grew each grey, dark afternoon as we quietly listened to Christmas music while my adopted parents napped.


Christmas Eve was the day when my family got together and had a little party, exchanging gifts and enjoying good food.  It was a flurry of wrapping paper, fun, noise, and colour.  Christmas Day was the quiet, beautiful day with my parents that I so loved.


Another memory is in 2005.   Mom and I had decided to go to midnight mass at a Catholic church in downtown Bedford.  Dad was uninterested in going, so he went on to bed on Christmas Eve and Mom and I got ready to go.  We drove down under a sky heavy and laden with rain, and tons of Christmas lights glittering like stars everywhere we looked.


It was my first experience in the Catholic church since I was baptized as a baby.  It was a lovely, serene service that Mom and I enjoyed, and the congregation was very friendly (which I have found to be the opposite in similar churchy situations in my life).  When we left, Mom and I were filled with this beautiful peace and quiet happiness.  It was starting to rain now, and we felt relaxed and were suddenly hungry, driven by the weather and how good we felt to eat comfort food.  We got home and ate chicken noodle soup before going to bed!






Photography Challenge Day 12 – Cup of hot cocoa or cider


Too tired to deal with anything, but hot chocolate in a Christmas mug makes things brighter!



Love and light,


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  1. Debbie Mitchell says:

    Love the memory of the Christmas Eve mass. I’ve never been and hope to go one year… maybe even this year!! And I LOVE the picture with the hot chocolate mug!! Beautiful <3

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