Intentions for Imbolc

Hello everyone, and happy Thursday to you! I would also like to wish you all a happy Imbolc, or Candlemas. On this holiday, we are marking the middle point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

Beneath the snow, beneath dreary, windy, rainy skies and grey trees, the whispers of spring are slowly growing louder. The birds are singing,  new buds are starting to form, and there’s visible light when I get out of work in the early evenings.

Imbolc is the perfect time to start sowing the seeds of intention. What would you like to manifest this coming spring? Where in your life can something awaken, rise from below the ground, and spread forth wide limbs to the sun?

The seed I planted is to tap into my authentic self and start living that way. Authentically. In fact, that’s my chosen word for 2018.

I hide a lot of my authentic self because it’s “too much”. It’s too wacky, too childish, too silly, too political, too loud, too untraditional in religion, too out-of-season, too much. I stifle my authentic self in fear of offending or displeasing someone, or displeasing society at large.

Honestly, who cares what anyone thinks? I deserve to be my full, worthy self. And moving into personal authenticity feels oh so right, but it also has its own share of uncertainty and pain. But I like to call that a growing pain, because that seed of intention is going to GROW!

To welcome the growing light and the hope of spring, I meditated above the candles–in appropriate colours like pink, white, light green, and brown–placed on the makeshift altar that is the sideboard. And so my seed was planted and sent to the Universe.

What intentions to you want to sow, friends?

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