I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Day 10 – Things That Make Me Think of Christmas

Joy, peace, excitement, family being all together, children laughing and being so cheerful that they can’t sit still. The smell of Scotch tape, of bayberry, of apple-cinnamon and of pine. Snow slowly drifting down.

All of humanity’s good qualities, which only seem to come out in December and then get neatly packed away again on January 1st.



Photography Challenge Day 10 – Wrapping Presents/Gift Wrap

We don’t have any gift wrap yet, so everything is still in mailers and shopping bags, LOL!








Day 11 – The Tree

We don’t have our tree up yet because things have been utterly insane and we keep having to turn our place upside down and inside out, so I’m afraid there are no pictures for you for this one!  It’s barely two feet tall, and green, and simply adorable though.  Far too small to place any presents under it, but we have to make do when you have three adult women living in a matchbox!


For my entire life, our tree has been green and artificial.  We’ve never had a real tree.  It was always an exciting time to bring out the tree box, unpack it, pull little over-stretched strands of tinsel out of branches, and set it up with its colour-coded bough stems.  Mom would meticulously fluff the branches to fill it out and hide any thin spots, then she would pain-stakingly string tons of lights.  For her, the more lights, the better.   Then would come all the ornaments, which were all strategically placed.  Then golden beads and golden garland, again meticulously placed.  An OCD person’s dream tree!  The topper was always an angel of some kind.


When I was in my mid teens, I bought my own little tree to have in my bedroom in front of my floor-to-ceiling window.  It was green and often themed.  I had my youngest sister help me decorate it every year; it was our little tradition.   Since I’d always dreamed of having a white tree, I found one on sale in 2003 and replaced my green tree.  The following year or so, I bought coloured lights and all my ornaments were candy-themed.  The topper was a gumdrop star.


My sister after having just helped decorate my white tree the first year I had it, 2003.


When I moved to Canada in 2008, we started off with a green tree.   It was really pretty and my mom made me a beautiful tree skirt and matching stockings, placemats, and apron.383695_10150416870823337_99284279_n

Unfortunately, our landlord lived upstairs and he had dementia, so he thought some of our storage items in the shared laundry room were his.  So last year he raided my Christmas box, and that tree skirt is now gone forever and one of the placemats was put in something with red dye, so it’s ruined.  Because my mom passed away in 2012, the loss of that tree skirt hit me pretty hard and it can never be replaced.


In 2012, I finally got my wish of having a full-size, prelit white tree with multicolour lights.


(Yes, I know there was a big empty space near the bottom.  I filled it after I took this picture!)


Hopefully my next tree will also be a white one!





Photography Challenge Day 11 – Christmas Music



Love this station 🙂  Last year when I had a cleaning gig at my husband’s aunt’s friend’s house, I kept CHFI on on my iPod Nano as soon as their Christmas music started up in mid-November, and that’s what I listened to while cleaning.




Love and light,

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  1. Debbie Mitchell says:

    Really love reading this blog challenge! I’m so sorry about the tree skirt but am so glad you have a picture of it <3 Hopefully you will have your white tree again next Christmas and maybe each of us here in Virginia can make or even buy one ornament for it for you. Love you <3

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