Hump Day Art – These Old Pixels!

Hello all! Happy Wednesday in your neck of the woods! Today I’m showing you all some of my older pixel works. I used to be a very prolific pixel artist, with a website and everything! Some of the oldest of my pixel works are on CDs back in Virginia, but I have a bunch ranging from 2004-2009 to show you!

Do any of you remember drag ‘n drop pixel dolls? They were quite popular around 2001-2002, and almost every gal I saw online had one somewhere in her profile. They were wee dolls with huge wardrobes and hair options, and the combinations were endless. My seventeen-year-old self would plop down and then look at the clock, shocked that an hour had passed! Eventually I wanted to make a doll more closely representing me, so I closely examined the pixels and decided it looked fairly easy to do myself. I discovered a world of “bases” endless amounts of pixel artists had made, and these could be drawn over and (usually) customized to the other artist’s content. It was, in a sense, a collaboration.

I was immediately hooked on pixeling. My pixel art site, Sakura Medley, was born in September 2002. Using Bravepages, a free web hosting service, I learned HTML and CSS from various websites (there were a number of these sites at the time, and they were generally run by young women wanting to teach other girls) to create my own corner of the web. I made my own graphics, and very soon my site was filled with neatly organized categories of my eager work. Then I joined some pixel art message boards, where I joined other artists in making items for other members in exchange for forum currency.  That’s where I met my friends Catherine and Joannie!

Sakura Medley had a makeover and became The Silver Light in 2007. Again, I made a full layout for it and here’s what it looked like:

After 2007, my pixel art began to peter out until it died completely sometime in 2009. I’ve pixeled a small handful of times since then, but lately I’ve been inspired to do more as my drawing tablet makes it a lot easier than my mouse ever did.

Enough with all this text! Look at these pixels! Unfortunately, most of the base creators have stopped pixeling and took their sites down years ago, but if I can find any who are still up, I’ll link the images directly to them for proper credit.


Here are a few pixel pieces I did for challenges…


And for holidays!


I was often inspired by music and created fashion (and occasionally political statements).


And by anime and video games.


My characters were what I drew the most.


Which included my equine character, Silver Healer. And because I was drawing this character, I decided to open up requests and draw other people’s equines, too! These were using my own bases. In fact, the little base on the far left can still be found on my DeviantArt.


I also pixeled myself a lot! Or, rather, a bit of an idealized version of myself. I didn’t have blue hair tips, but I did own a couple of these outfits (the full outfits on both dolls with arms akimbo, and the shirt on the very last doll!)!


I even made my own bases. Newsflash: Most of them were terrible.


And here’s a sampling of the things I made without the use of bases!



I hope you enjoyed all of these. They’re not new works, but I imagine it’s the first time many of you have seen these! 🙂




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