Hump Day Art for Sept. 28



Hello, lovelies! Happy Wednesday, wherever you are in the world! Today is another installment of Hump Day Art, and this week I’ve got some really fun ones to show you.

You may have seen some of these in my portfolio section, and I really need to update the files because I got them rescanned in better quality! So now I can show you what I’ve done in my awesome black-paper sketchbook.

I quite like the book. It’s spiral-bound, its paper almost as thick as bristol board and quite smooth, and I got it on sale for about $8 at DeSerres (if you’re in Canada, you can currently get it here . The works shown below were created with a mix of Prismacolour and Derwent coloured pencils.

This book isn’t used for everyday drawings, which is why the works are pretty infrequent. All of these shown were done between March 2015 and May 2016. This book is for art with themes on combined nature and magic, and a few of the pieces have been inspired by the landscape and wildlife of Leicestershire. “Dance of the Ancestors” was inspired by the full solar eclipse seen from the Shetland and Faroe Islands in 2015. “Winter Solstice” was created in the pre-dawn hours of the day of the same name, where deep indigo clouds began rolling away from the brightening sky. “Willow Priestess” was inspired by an evening where Liat, Alora, and I went walking under the full moon to a park with willow trees, and Alora made us willow crowns.

I hope you enjoy these and feel inspired! I’m looking forward to inspiration striking me again so I can create more in this beautiful book!

nightdeer005-copySpring’s First Mother

nightmandeer006-copyHerald of Spring

blackart2aWinter Solstice

blackart1aSpirit Guides

blackart3aWillow Priestess

blackart4aDream of the Stars

blackart5aDance of the Ancestors

Have you ever used any other paper colour than white? It’s so much fun to use different ones and I highly recommend it!

Love and light,

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