Hump Day Art – October 11


Hello everyone! Happy Hump Day! Today I’ve got all my Inktober 2017 sketches to date. Inktober is a worldwide art challenge where artists create a drawing each day for the month of October for a total of 31 drawings. To help out and inspire, there’s an official prompt list.

To check it out and maybe join in (it’s never too late! Well, unless it’s November 1st!), then check it out *here*.

I’ve been wanting to do Inktober ever since I first heard of it a few years ago. I could never summon up the inspiration to do a drawing a day, no matter how small, but this year I was determined to do it and see it through. I’m following the official prompts for 2017, all on the general theme of my mental illness and how I struggle with my own mind. Some of the sketches have descriptions, but I can’t really summon proper words for others.


CONTENT WARNING — Artistic depictions of mental illness and trauma


October 1 – Swift

October 2 – Divided

October 3 – Poison
My greatest poison has been what I’ve been hammering into my own mind for years.

October 4 – Underwater
There are days where mind flash floods and I can barely keep my face above the water.

October 5 – Long
The shadows and the wait were long at this time last year. I was a mess emotionally and mentally as I waited for the UK’s decision on my visa application.

October 6 – Sword
Sometimes I’m so quick to force mental progression and healing that I grab the sword by the blade instead of the handle. That never ends well.

October 7 – Shy

October 8 – Crooked
On days where you just can’t fake being happy, give a crooked smile and half-heartedly get through the day.

October 9 – Screech

October 10 – Gigantic
Some days, this is what going outside feels like.



I’m slightly behind and am still working on today’s sketch! Next week, I’ll have even more to show you.



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