Hump Day Art – March 15

Hello loves! Happy Wednesday, wherever you are in the world! I have a couple new finished pieces as well as two new sketches to show you this week.

First up is this small piece I did on watercolour paper with Copic markers (I REALLY love this combination). I created this to raise money to donate to a couple charities. I haven’t yet figured out how I want to go about selling it, though. Maybe sell it as a digital download on Etsy, as that way I get most of the profit and therefore get to give that straight to my chosen charities. The flowers are very meaningful, and I will describe them as soon as the print goes live 🙂

Next is a little piece on the tan cards I have stowed in my art basket. I forgot they were there, and now I’m excited all over again to use them!  I may do a matching set of these ladies, we’ll see…

These next two are sketches I’m working on for watercolour projects. I’ve really been wanting to do British birds and flora, maybe for a 2018 calendar. Here’s a jackdaw with English oak leaves and acorns:

And here’s a European robin with holly! Obviously this one would be for the December page, haha!

I hope I’ve inspired you today! Chin up, the week’s half over! 🙂

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