Hump Day Art – Feb 22


Hello loves! Happy Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. I think my art block is finally cracking, so I finally have a new Hump Day Art post to share with you!

First up is a small piece in my beloved black sketchbook, which doesn’t get enough use. I meant to finish this in December, but that’s when my confidence was shot and the art block slammed down. It was inspired by a drive home on the Winter Solstice, and there were no streetlights to be seen, just the beautiful rising moon hanging between the trees and directly over the road.

And here’s my first full piece in quite a while. Remember when I gave you a peek of this in last week’s My Neck of the Woods post? I wanted to surprise my dear friend Catherine, who writes amazing stories and characters. The Crow Girl is my favourite of her characters, and I hadn’t drawn her in about four years, so I wanted to see how she looked with my (hopefully) improved skills!


Do you have any Wednesday art to show? Tell me in the comments or on Facebook! 🙂

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