Hump Day Art

Hi everyone! I’ve got some new art for you this week!

I’ve been practicing with more digital art lately, and I’ve got to say I’m in LOVE.

Not that I’ll ever put down my pencils and markers and paints, though. But there’s just something altogether sparkly and exciting about digital art that keeps me picking up the tablet and pen. I’ve got four pieces to show you, although I have a few more I’ve done of original characters but I feel they’re a bit too personal to put on here! They’ll likely wind up on my Insta and my art Tumblr (if I ever make one, anyway) soon.

Number One: Hotaru, Mamehime, and Bossun the shiba inu gang (I needed inspiration, Jonno suggested three shibas, and we got this)
Number Two: An original character in my short novel.
Number Three: Mamehime again
Number Four: Another original character in a story.


(Background texture credit: Tonestock on DA)

(Line brushes by DieheArt on DA)

Images will be crossposted to Instagram and probably an art Tumblr if I ever make one!)

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