Hump Day Art – My Custom Chibi Dolls!

A few months ago, I drew a sort of chibi version of myself to use in my planner. For those who don’t know, chibi means “short” or “small” in Japanese slang, and it’s often portrayed by objects, figures, or animals drawn in a cute, morphed sort of way.  My chibi doll self was drawn reflecting my own wardrobe, and I was quite pleased with her.

At the time, I really didn’t intend to show anyone. But I eventually put it up on my personal Facebook as an example of custom chibi “dolls” I could do for people for $15 USD. After I got a few bites, I mustered up the courage to post them in one of the planning/bullet journaling groups I’m in.  It’s a spin-off of a bigger group, so this was an intimate gathering of planner folx who had become friends, so I really had nothing to fear in posting my art there. That’s where they took off!

It was a huge confidence boost to have people clamoring for my chibis. They were so excited and happy, and it was a joy to me to give them those feelings.

So here they are! (A side note: a couple of the first commissions are missing, as I forgot to scan them.)


I hope you like them! My customers sure did! *wink*

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