My Neck of the Woods, August 12


Howdy loves, and a happy Friday wherever you are in the world! Today I’m catching up on what’s been going on since my last scrapbook post. Be prepared for more terrible photos in this slice of my everyday life!

What’s been happening? Well, heat, mostly. But some other stuff, too.

Anthony and Ashley got me a Michaels gift card for my birthday, so one weekend we drove over so I could spend it on new Copics to add to my growing collection! Liat, Alora, and I were all absolutely ecstatic to see that all the autumn and Halloween stuff is up; everything smells like pumpkin and cinnamon-apple, and all we could do was sigh happily and dream of the soon-to-come days of sweaters, blankets, rain, and hot drinks.

Then we had to go back outside into the stifling heat.

image1 (3)
image2 (1)
One evening, Kathy and Jaime came over to play their tabletop RPG with the girls. As usual, my anxiety prevented me from joining in, but I sat and listened while making art. I had to get this shot of the gorgeous dice all laid out!

And then for the big event! A huge, seven-time Guiness World Record-breaking scavenger hunt, GISHWHES (the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) started on July 30th and ended on August 7th. It was my first year playing, but not my friends’. We had three friends staying over (Monica on Saturday night, and Ola and her sister Maja from Friday until August 6th), and when the list of tasks came out, we got really excited at the creativity, the absurdity, and the insanity!

We chose tasks which we worked on all week, racking up points and laughing like nutballs most of the time. These nutty tasks included social-anxiety-inducing things like dressing up as a dessert fairy and bringing ice cream to emergency service workers and police; and pretending to pan for gold in a public fountain; dress in dandy garb and hand out free coffee to people during rush hour. Most of the tasks I chose for myself were artistic, and included using my body as the base for a collage of all the things I love that make up me. I even donned a Steven Universe-style mouth, as this task was inspired by the show’s character Garnet saying “I am made of love”.


One of my tasks was to make a side-by-side picture of existential angst and the meaning of life…


And another was to take a picture of me looking in the mirror, but make my reflection show my inner beauty! Alora helped me along with this one and did most of the work from her iPad 😉

image1 (4)

There was lots of movie-watching and series-bingeing all week, lots of food to be scarfed down (and most of it pretty unhealthy), iced coffees to drink in the most miserable hours of the non-stop heatwave, supplies to purchase, and sweat to be sweated. There were team photos, and we got super Canadian for them. We saw the dawn every morning.

Seriously, those iced coffees made us survive GISHWHES.

image5 (1)

We celebrated Mamacita’s (Susie’s) birthday last week by taking her out for AYCE sushi. I hadn’t had sushi in ages! 🙂 The weekend and this past week have seen us pretty much just melting from the heat and not doing a lot.

Today we’re off to Pacific Mall/Curry’s to get our friend Ashley her birthday present 🙂 Here’s hoping we don’t fry ourselves on the pavement before we get there!

What have you all been up to lately?

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