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Hello, loves! A very happy Monday to you, wherever you are in the world!

It’s hard to believe I already have to leave so soon. It’s heartbreaking, mostly because I don’t know when I’ll get to see Jon after this. I’ve been steadily working on gathering documents and relationship proof for UK immigration, and it’s incredibly intimidating even though I’ve made excellent progress. I would like to share the process with you all, but I’m going to wait until I’m approved first as I don’t want to lead anyone astray.

April has really flown by as England quietly blooms green, white, yellow, purple and pink under wild, soft-looking rainclouds that get swept away by cool winds. Sometimes there’s hail. Sometimes there’s rainbows. I love the open landscape and how I can see storms passing by over the rolling fields, which are now lush green as well as bright yellow with rapeseed.

12998644_10153696432468337_2539618336017188664_nThe fields also no longer smell of fertilizer, which is most certainly a good thing!

We’ve spent the last couple of weekends out and about with our friends. Last Friday, Matt and his band, The Four Kicks, had a gig at Natterjacks in Leicester. It was a really good time and those boys sure know how to play! Toward the end they even covered “Purple Rain”, as Prince was one of Matt’s biggest heroes, and it would be the last time I heard that song before Prince passed away.

On  Saturday, I had my first ever girls’ night out with friends Holly, Michaela, Lucinda, Floss, and Claire. Lucinda had a booth reserved at Manhattans in Ashby, and after stopping by Wetherspoons for a drink, we walked to Manhattans, where our booth awaited us along with a free bottle of Prosecco. As the music thudded through us, we enjoyed ourselves chatting and having really nice drinks, including this Black Russian:

12990847_10153696433343337_322395332905718404_nIt was difficult to hear each other over all the music, and since our bodies couldn’t help but move to it, we headed to the cheesier of the two dance floors, which had disco balls and played tons of revved up hits from the 70s and 80s! We danced to songs like “Don’t You Want Me” and “Disco Inferno”, and I was sweating! I definitely know why people dance for fitness; it’s fun as hell!

13001162_10153696433088337_3487797019046646883_nSo while the noise and the crowd were terrible for my anxiety, I really enjoyed my time with the ladies and was so glad I went with them! I adore those gals! I think the only thing I truly disliked about the evening was that two different bouncers looked at the birth year on my passport and made remarks on my age. I suppose they were surprised that I was far older than they’d thought, but it didn’t make me feel very good! I didn’t let it bother me for long though, as Manhattans had lots of ladies who had twenty years on me and were having the time of their lives.

On Sunday, Matt was scoping out the venue he’s planning to use for his band in September, so off we drove to Firebug in Leicester, where they had absolutely fabulous drinks like this Blueberry Cheesecake…

13094168_10153708233563337_7007799098904674562_nAnd this Frais au Lait. I couldn’t taste the alcohol in the Frais au Lait, either, which seemed rather dangerous! Both drinks were absolutely divine!

13006498_10153708233733337_8802410268543661640_nThen we walked to Bruxelles, a fancy place with expensive drinks…

13082599_10153708233813337_3041128158098518498_nAnd we stopped so Jon and I could grab burritos before heading home. The lady who waited on us was American, and I always feel this excited little jump to hear a fellow countrywoman overseas; almost like a sense of comradery. I always kind of hope the Americans/Canadians I hear have this same recognition and then we strike up a little conversation, but it never happens and I’m too anxious to do it myself!

This past weekend was just as nice as the last, except that I’d been in the iron fist of a terrible cold since late Tuesday and was feeling rather puny. On Saturday evening, we went with Matt, Lucinda, and Josh to Loughborough to have a meal and a drink or two. We ate at Fernandez, which may have replaced Nando’s as our favourite chicken place! I had a really nice tomato-tortilla wrap with grilled halloumi and a sweet chilli sauce, along with black pepper mash and later an Oreo milkshake. After that, we walked to The Orange Tree, and I indulged in my beloved Toblerone martini and a Jam Doughnut shot.

Yesterday, Jon and I went to Loughborough again with Matt and Lucinda. After we enjoyed some milkshakes at Dolcino (I had a Kinder Bueno one!), we split off. While the lads pub-crawled, Luci and I went to Primark and New Look. I really enjoyed myself, but both of us started deteriorating after a while and weren’t feeling very well due to our colds. We met up with the lads at The Phantom, with Josh arriving soonafter.

Jon decided to try my new sunglasses that I’d bought at Primark. Doesn’t he look fab?

13077000_10153710725263337_3017925522734478801_nI’m feeling much better today, lovelies, and I actually got some cleaning done and hope to get more immigration stuff taken care of today. The sun’s finally come out again, which makes me feel even better!

I’ll be back on Wednesday with an art post, so stay tuned! Have a fabulous day 🙂

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