Here Lately – A Scrapbook

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope you’ve been having a good week, wherever you are in the world!

I haven’t shared a weekly scrapbook post with you guys in quite a long time. So here’s what I’ve been up to since I returned from England!

After I came home, it didn’t take long before it was hot as hell most days of the week. Our preparations for Anime North went very smoothly, and we blasted music every evening and never got to bed before sunrise. Even our feline friend Bailey would come over and try to help!

13221742_10153750789128337_5225830050399733758_n 13237830_10153775052003337_8339014195601826111_n13260030_10153775052068337_8437724136499338793_nThe weekend before the convention, we combined Alora’s and our friend Kathy’s birthdays together and had dinner at Congee Time, followed by a session of blacklight bowling at Bowlerama. I bowled a terrible game, but I was enjoying time with my friends, so I didn’t care 😉

13237819_10153768384043337_706592731897105005_n The weekend of the convention was so much fun, although I felt ill the entire time being trapped under a wig and hot fabric because we were in an intense heat wave.

Here are a few shots from that amazing weekend:

13325627_10153785440338337_6560873986589616894_nWhen you pack three women’s entire weekend into one suitcase… Well, I was surprised everything fit! I really had to squeeze our costumes into the space below the left-hand size.

13312781_10153778833568337_1784562680660948105_nOur group was rather popular and a lot of fun to cosplay! We all went as characters from the .hack// video games!

13266080_10153780988163337_1342148565111919050_n13307204_10153782791593337_6858024784095802846_nThe Toronto Congress Centre is right under the flight path for Pearson, which is very close by.

13315604_10153782791168337_2223206972806403919_n13325521_10153782791448337_4193004808481523585_n13312864_10153785440358337_4464812487763216239_nLate night snacking in our hotel room after a long day at the convention!

13266074_10153782796318337_3938856006370518462_nOne hell of a Canuck treat at St. Louis Wings

image5Photo courtesy

image6Photo courtesy

June somehow went by in the blink of an eye, spent mostly on being with our friends and me working on art and immigration stuff. I’ve even started writing again, which is exciting.

It was nice and cool during the first half of the month, and downright chilly when our building got the Bell Fibe pizza truck. Mmm, internet pizza!

13325581_10153806352798337_2977263134926892263_n13417601_10153806352918337_4886792138652049434_nI took the girls geocaching for the first time in G Ross Lord Park, and they absolutely loved it. It was my first find since 2012, and when we got home we started mapping when we wanted to go hunting for more.

13466149_10153824649023337_8021027235275233000_n13466149_10153824649088337_1177397179608013282_n13442213_10153824649353337_5384862392109450795_nA few Saturdays ago, the girls and I went with Anthony out to Fairview Mall. Liat and I had never been, and we all enjoyed it. We went to F.G. Bradley’s, the Apple Store, and Bath & Body Works. Then we went to the Curry’s by Pacific Mall, and I got a few art supplies including a new sketchbook, the cover of which I immediately had to decorate once we got home! We also went to Gamerama so Liat could have her 3DS looked at, and we all got delicious gelato that was available in the store (I got amaretto flavour).

13508916_10153848051728337_7362315116020376475_n13521840_10153848051823337_4839419419783192783_n13522035_10153848052783337_4260102793676084276_n13439182_10153848052458337_3937697211360432226_n13509012_10153848052248337_1255061334217935482_nOur friends Ola and Maja had a sleepover with us on Canada Day weekend. It was such a blast! And we’ve been in a heat wave ever since the last weekend of June. All the grass has turned yellow-brown and is crunchy, and the leaves all look wilted. There’s heat warnings issued almost daily, cicadas trill loudly into late evening, and the overnight lows are in the mid-20s. Since we don’t have proper air conditioning, we invested in more fans and gel cold packs. Walking the dogs every weekday has NOT been enjoyable, and we haven’t gone geocaching since that one time.

13659076_10153880661108337_5331584056708751184_nLast weekend, Alora went to visit her dad up north in Meaford (where it was much cooler; lucky girl!). Liat and I drove around with Anthony and went to two different Michaels locations and a DeSerres in search of Copic markers. Copic has increased production after a months-long shortage, so stores across the country are restocking. I wound up with twelve amazing markers and a grieving wallet. Then we went to Tiny Tom Donuts and got some fresh hot donuts, picked up Ashley from work, and went to their place to have dinner and hang out. We finally got some much-needed rain, but it wasn’t enough and then the evening was very humid.

So that’s been life in a nutshell since I came home!

I’ll be back on Monday to share my birthday weekend with you all! 🙂

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