Have a Yule that’s cool

Day 13 – Christmas Music


Christmas music has been central to all my holiday memories throughout my life.   It would always give me comfort, joy, and simply add to the lovely festive atmosphere.   Several people I know utterly despise Christmas music, but I LOVE it!  I start listening as soon as possible, and I get a little sad when the 25th is over and the radio stops playing it.   I mostly prefer the traditional songs that we’ve all grown up for the past two to three generations, but there’s some newer ones that I love too!


Favourite songs:


– “Cool Yule” by Matt Dusk

– “All I  Want For Christmas (Is You)” – by Mariah Carey

– “Underneath the Tree” by Kelly Clarkson

– “Deck the Rooftop” by the Glee cast

– “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby

– “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole

– “Holly Jolly Christmas” by Burl Ives





Photography Challenge Day 13 – Ornaments


Some paper ornaments I’m about to finish today 🙂









Day 14 – The Smell of Christmas


For me, the smell of Christmas has always been Scotch tape… cinnamon… bayberry… pine… sugar cookies… and gingerbread.   Those smells have been ones I’ve known since I can remember, and I always immediately associate them with Christmastime.




Photography Challenge Day 14 – Joy


This is the only picture I have from yesterday’s fun adventure.  My two best friends, our friend Anthony (affectionately nicknamed Shwany) and I went Christmas shopping and it was pure joy as we bought each other’s gifts and gifts for others, enjoyed the sparkling lights and decorations around us, and just got as excited as children.  Laughing purely, planning, joking and just all being together.


My best friend Liat was positively hopping up and down on the spot.  “I think I’m overwhelmed by Christmas spirit,” she said.  She traditionally celebrated Hanukkah with her family, but she’s been really into Christmas as well and has gotten crazily excited about it this year.


A couple early gifts I found had me filled with goofy joy!




Love and light,


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