Happy New Year! My Neck of the Woods – Jan 1



Happy 2017, everyone! I hope you all ended the turbulent 2016 on a great, sparkly note, and that your new year has begun happily! While a year cannot be a malicious or a loving entity in its own right, I know a lot of folks had it very rough in 2016 and are in need of the mental and emotional rejuvenation that often comes with the birth of a new year.

My personal 2016 was mostly good, and I have closed the year with a sense of love, gratitude, and completion. I’m letting go of the year’s personal anger, unintended hypocrisy, and any sadness or grief held over from previous years. Many amazing things are in store for 2017 and I’m more than ready to embrace them.

This past week has been pretty quiet and pleasant, with Christmas gently winding down. Generally I am not a fan of things post-Christmas, as it seems the excitement and glitter have all faded away, and I always feel a little down, but this time I’ve felt good — content, relaxed, and whole.

Here’s the week in photos!

Monday, Dec 26

Just sitting down to a family Boxing Day lunch, which consisted of delicious Christmas Day leftovers as well as freshly cooked dishes, such as Elaine’s potato cheese pie!

Tuesday, Dec 27

Jon and I went out to dinner at Grillstock, a burger/bbq place in Leicester. Service is extremely slow, but the food is great! Try their hog fries if you’re ever there!

Wednesday, Dec 28

After Matt set up his band’s projector in the sitting room so that we could have folks over and play party games via his laptop, Jon, Amelia and I used it to watch American Dad late at night. I really don’t know why we don’t use this room more. It’s so nice!

Thursday, Dec 29

Finally, a new crochet project! As much as I love crocheting, I hadn’t been inspired to make anything in a while, but then I was flipping through my older issues of Mollie Makes and saw Twinkie-Chan’s hot dog eye mask! I’m not sure if she has this pattern anywhere else or if you can get back issues of Mollie Makes, but it’s issue #54. The mustard and ketchup are sewn on far more nicely in the pattern photos, but I thought I’d sew them on like how I put them on in real life! 😉

Friday, Dec 30

Today I was finally able to get my bank account sorted (I went with Halifax), and I had the greatest conversation with the lady there.  Because of my anxiety, I always appreciate talking with someone who immediately puts me at ease. By the time I came out of my appointment, the partly sunny afternoon had gone grey with thick fog!

Saturday, Dec 31

Our NYE was a very quiet one. We stayed at home and noshed on ALL THE FOOD while watching the Jools Holland Hootenanny on tv.

Sunday, Jan 1

Welcome, 2017! It’s a grey, rainy start, but I’m feeling very cozy and creative indoors 🙂

What did you do to ring in the new year, loves? 🙂

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