Happy Halloween!

Hello lovely friends! Happy Halloween, or Samhain depending on what you prefer to call this particularly lovely day!


The trees are dark with the frequent rains and mist, cloaked with fine leaves of bronze and gold; carpets of the same hues cover pathways and lawns. My favourite month of the year comes to a close, and today I honour the earth and my ancestors. I’ll be lighting candles for my ancestors and praying for their guidance…

And I also watch some fab Halloween movies, and have a mini party at home with the girls and our friend Ashley!

We haven’t had our usual Halloween party with all our friends, because nobody has had the time or space to do so. We did go to a small party this past Thursday with our new friend Victor. We wore our Anime North costumes from this year, and I won first place in the adult costume contest!

And tomorrow, the four of us will be going out to nab clearanced Halloween candy and decor before all the Christmas stuff shoves it all out of sight 😉

Come with me and celebrate the dark time of the year, when our hemisphere begins to rest. Listen and open your heart to the blessings your ancestors are giving you while the veil between the worlds is thin. Feel joy and remember to have some light-hearted fun, too!

How do you typically celebrate Halloween/Samhain? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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