Happy Fall/Spring!

Hi everyone! Hope everything is good in your neck of the woods. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, today is the first day of Autumn, or Mabon. For those of us in the southern hemisphere, I wish you a bright and beautiful Spring/Ostara!

Mabon, the second of the harvest Sabbats (preceded by Lammas and followed by Samhain), is a day of feasting and giving thanks. It’s also a perfect time for deep cleaning, decluttering, and preparing for the long darkness of winter. Apples are a big symbol of this day, so baking a nice treat with fresh apples is a perfect way to ring in fall!

On this rainy grey Saturday, I’ve been quietly–and happily–celebrating the start of my favourite season.

I began a thorough cleaning last night and have continued into this afternoon. Cleaning is my profession, so it can feel quite wearisome, but I do love seeing our home shine! I’ve also decluttered quite a bit these last few weeks, so now I have a giant bag full of things to haul to the charity shop.

I dug out all our little bits and bobs for fall. Crochet leaves and acorns, felt leaves, a crochet pumpkin I made last year, some pumpkin coasters, leaves and pinecones and orange candles and an orange glass pumpkin dish now add little jewel-tone spots to our flat.

While I worked and decorated, I threw together an apple crumble and got it baking. It turned out wonderfully and I rather wish I’d made two!

Lastly, I’m working on a gratitude list in my bullet journal. It’s quite a mood boost, as well as serving as a reminder of how much I am blessed.

I think I shall go out for a fall-themed coffee or tea later, too!

How are you welcoming fall into your lives and homes, friends?

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