As I hurtled toward 30 in 2014, I realized there’s a lot of awesome stuff I want to do in my life! So I will keep track of it here 🙂


* Have a fancy afternoon tea
* Pick strawberries
* Learn to play pool
* Go bowling
* See the sun set over a large body of water
* Ride in a boat
* Downsize and only possess things that speak to me on a soul level
* Have a wardrobe only full of things I dearly love
* Hold a bird of prey on my arm

* Take a long flight on my own
* Learn to paint with watercolours
* Learn to sew
* Learn German (working on)
* Learn to play guitar
* Hang a piece of my own art on a wall
* Make a pie from scratch
* Can my own preserves & sauces
* Go apple picking
* Donate blood
* Publish a book
* Write a recipe book with Liat & Susie
* Work at a bookstore or museum
* Plant a tree
* Have a craft room in my house
* Ride a train by myself
* Crochet an afghan
* Have a spa day
* Design my own clothing items
* See the Pacific Ocean
* Create my own oracle deck
* Learn horseback riding
* See a full solar eclipse
* Send a message in a bottle
* Have my art in a gallery or sold in a shop
* Grow kitchen herbs
* Make DIY beauty products
* Learn soapmaking
* Learn bookbinding
* Upcycle lots
* Install solar panels on house
* Own chickens
* Have a small vegetable garden
* Become a hedgewitch/kitchen witch
* Have a craft room
* Create a sacred space
* Learn archery
* Paint on a big canvas
* Hold, touch, or feed a baby animal
* Switzerland
* Netherlands
* Banff, Alberta
* British Columbia
* Iceland during summer
* Ireland
* Italy (not sure where yet…)
* Bavaria, Germany
* Japan


Travel Within the UK
* Lake District
* West Coast
* East Coast
* Stonehenge

* London
* Peak District
* Snowdonia National Park
* Glastonbury
* Avebury
* Dover’s white cliffs
* Isle of Skye, Scotland
* The Cotswolds


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