Goddess Artisan Roundup – Winter 2017


Hello loves! Happy Tuesday, wherever you are in the world! Today I’d like to share a new roundup of gorgeous products made by female-identifying artists and crafters who showcase passion and talent in everything they create.

I believe that goddess artisans everywhere should support, uphold, and celebrate one another. We all have a gift to share with the world, and whatever that gift is, it’s vibrant and glorious.

The artists and their favourite pieces of mine that I’m showing you today are simply wonderful to look at. You can click each picture to go to the actual product, or click the artisan’s name below to go to their main shop!

Winter Soul Studios



Holly and Teddy

Hannah Rampley

Jessica Baldry

Eden and After

Set Free My Gypsy Soul


Emily Johnston Glass


Help me curate my next Goddess Artisan Roundup on April 30th! Know of any awesome folks who should be featured? Link me!

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