Giving Thanks Days 8, 9, 10

8. A Number I’m Thankful For

You know, I had a lot of difficulty with this one.


How could I be thankful for a number?  What significance does this have in my life?


And then it popped into my head.  I am thankful for the number 30.


It’s my age.   As I approached it this year, I realized that I was done screwing around with my life, being with who I wasn’t supposed to be with, and being who I wasn’t supposed to be.  I find it to be a lucky number for me; a lucky age.



9. An Emotion I’m Thankful For

This is going to sound pretty weird, given that one would think gratitudes would be all very positive.  But I feel that negative things can have a good spin on them too, and I try to see the good in any bad situation, bad day, or bad feelings I experience.


I’m thankful for anger.


Yes, anger.


It means I’m moving forward in the grieving process from my marriage breakdown, seeing things for how they really are, and not hurting with despair and sadness.   I feel life in this anger.


It’s not the kind of rage that is making me wish ill will upon my ex husband, or wanting to take him to court over trivial things.   It’s not making me seethe at night, or feel my blood pressure rise.   However, it’s helping me to move on, to stop hurting so much that my bones ache, and it’s helping me look forward to my future.


In time, it will pass like the sadness did.  I am healing.



10.  A Book I’m Thankful For

There are a lot of succulent wild books that I’m thankful for, and the list is growing all the time.  But I think my all-time gratitude is for Sarah Ban Breathnach’s “Simple Abundance”.




This is a daybook for 366 days of the year, filled with beautiful ways to realize your abundant soul and bring her to the surface.  It covers topics such as gratitude, self-loving, positive body image, and harmony.  It even helps you to journal and collage the things you love to help you realize that yes, you love tie-dye maxi skirts no matter what fashion dictates (and so I will until I’m dead!), and how to create some peace of mind, and how to do lovely things in every month of the year to fill your life with simple richness.


My mother gave me a copy of this book in late 2009, to start on January 1st in 2010.  I followed this book for a year and I say it’s definitely helped in my quest to love myself for who I really am.  I also have the big collage journal the author suggests using along with the book, but as it’s currently in Virginia and I’m not, I’ve been using Pinterest instead!  I found it comforting and a lot of fun to read through the year, and as soon as I get it from my ex’s house I want to start it again for 2015.  I seem to pick up a little more each time I read it.



Love and light,


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