Giving Thanks – Days 29, 30

Hello!  It’s the end of November; the quick transition between beautiful brilliant Autumn and the glittering rush of the holiday season.  I end this challenge with the last two prompts, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a new one!





Day 29 – A Childhood Memento I’m Thankful For

Through the years, I’ve become less materialistic, less attached to *things*.  But there are a few things from my childhood that I have kept because I simply can’t get rid of them (even though my mom had wanted me to keep EVERYTHING, haha!).


I don’t have a picture of them by themselves, but here they are in a picture of other items I was keeping from my Virginia family home.


The little green soapstone box in the centre, and the music box in the very back.


Both were from my dad when I was a small child.  The jewellery box was one of those with a triangular mirror inside the lid, and a little ballerina who pirouetted when you wound up the music box inside.  It’s lined with teal-green satin and so pretty!  Both little gifts were things Dad randomly brought home for me, and they are two of my most cherished possessions.  I will have them with me for as long as I live.


Day 30 – A Photo I’m Thankful For


This one right here, from September 1999.  I posted it in my post about old things I’m thankful for, which are photographs.  But it’s one of my favourite pictures.  My siblings and I are all squinting into the sun, cheerful and not facing all the hell and plagues and strife of life that adults always have to face.  It’s one of the only pics of all of us, and I treasure it.





See you in December for a magical month of more blog challenges!

Love and light,


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