Giving Thanks – Days 25, 26, 27

Day 25 – Something Green I’m Thankful For

I know I covered this object in the “Colour I’m Grateful For” post, but I am just THAT thankful for it.  It’s my ring from my twin flame, Jon.  We share the emerald as our birthstone in the tropical zodiac, and that’s why my beautiful ring has them.  I look to it for my sanity and to remember why I’m doing everything I’m doing right now and what I have to look forward to for my future.  It keeps me grounded and calm.



Day 26 – Something Old I’m Thankful For

I’m so thankful for having access to the family’s old photographs.  They’re frozen pieces of history, of life long ago; precious mementos that can never be replaced.  More recent photos are just as valuable to me!

Here are some real oldies…



My maternal great-grandmother (standing, second from left), her siblings, and her parents.



My adoptive dad’s mother (middle) and her sisters; the three women I was named after (Mary Angela Dominica) 🙂
Some newer pics…


My mother and elder sister.



One of the only pictures that exists of my siblings and I! This was taken in 1999.  We were 18, 15, 13, 11, and 3.

A cherished memory… my dad before he had a massive stroke in 1997…





And one of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken… my youngest sister, Becky, when she was just six years old.  30163_398055098336_1007776_n


Day 27 – Something New I’m Thankful For

It may be a little silly and materialistic, but I am VERY thankful for my new drawing tools!

My soul pours out through these babies! And this was before I got my five latest Prismacolours! 😉




Love and light,


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