Giving Thanks Days 21, 22, 23

Day 21 – A Wooden Object I’m Thankful For


This lovely wooden box was passed on to me by a friend.  It now holds the special, precious things that don’t fit on my tiny windowsill altar, as well as some things from my twin flame.  Being that I share very tiny living quarters with two other women who despise everything feminine, a touch of pink is very welcome in my little corner of the world 🙂


Day 22 – A Dessert I’m Thankful For

Well, I was thinking of what kind of dessert comforted me the most, and I guess it’s not really a dessert per se, but I’m thankful for hot cocoa!



Hot and smooth, it helps fuel my creativity and inspiration on chilly nights like these.  It’s something I don’t tend to take for granted, as simple as it is.


Day 23 – A View I’m Thankful For



This view is from the balcony of my best friend’s mother.  She lives two buildings down from us and I love going up there to get a bird’s eye view of lovely glowing North York.  The little finger of the city, and still with so much green and open sky.


I love seeing the cars moving, the planes straightening out in a blinking queue as they approach Pearson, the trees in the wind, and the way the clouds move and change in different patterns, shapes, and colours.  I can watch for hours and hours.


Love and light,


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