Giving Thanks – Days 18, 19, 20

18 – Something in My Home I’m Thankful For

I am definitely very thankful for HEAT!!! Holy cow! *shivers* Southern Ontario doesn’t typically get very cold until January, but we’ve had an Arctic blast that left us with snow and temperatures well below freezing, with wind chills of around -18* Celsius (about 0* Fahrenheit). Our apartment building’s windows are older and never get replaced, so there are a lot of fine cracks and zero insulation. Our curtains cover them, but they don’t fully block the cold. So we have to just bundle up and let the radiators do their thing, which isn’t much given that they’re right under the windows and their cracks kind of suck out the heat!


However, we’re not sitting here freezing to death.


One of our close friends moved into a nearby building this autumn, and just found out that the heating system in the building is broken. They likely won’t be fixing it until next month, so she’s been utterly freezing in her little apartment. We let her borrow our space heater. So even though we’re a little colder, we’re not nearly as cold as she’s been!


So I’m very thankful for heat. So, so thankful.


19 – A Warm Object I’m Thankful For

My awesome, super-warm slipper socks, baby!


Praise the store that is Dollarama! 🙂


20 – A Soft Object I’m Thankful For

My soft pink blanket! It serves me well 😉




Love and light,

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