Giving Thanks – Days 14, 15, 16

Day 14 – A Smile I’m Thankful For

I know I talk about my twin flame a LOT.  Like, a lot.   Yeah, he’s the butter on my bread, what can I say?

But damn, his smile floors me.


In most pics, it’s like this:




But then sometimes, his true smile gets captured and it has always made me happy…




Yep, definitely thankful for this.




Day 15 – A Technology I’m Thankful For


The Internet –

Without it, I would have never met my twin flame.  It would be more difficult for me to keep in touch with family and friends, and since I have had severe anxiety problems from the get go, I wouldn’t have three fourths of the friends I have now!

Computers –

They have made things so divinely easy, haven’t they? Hell, without one I wouldn’t be typing all of this right now!

Cell Phones –

How wonderful it is just to text or call someone… from wherever you are!

Electricity –

What else can I say, really? LOL


Day 16 – An Animal I’m Thankful For

I’m thankful for my spirit animal, the caribou, but on the physical plane, I’m very thankful for my best friends’ dog, Monkey.



He’s so well-behaved, gentle, intelligent, and quiet.



He has a pure heart and loves to snuggle when he knows you’re not feeling well.  Otherwise, he steals your blankets or your warm spot when you get up!



He’s the best little dog buddy I could ever ask for, especially for me at this time of upheaval in my life 🙂



Love and light,


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