Giving Thanks – Day 2

Day 2 – A Place I Am Thankful For


I am thankful for my adopted home country, Canada. It felt *right* when I first set foot inside it six years ago, and for me it was *home*, plain and simple. I fell in love and I never wanted to leave it. Things may be changing in less than two years’ time and I may never get to live in this beautiful country again, and while it deeply saddens me and I can already feel myself mourning, I’m still so thankful for the years I’ve gotten to spend here.


I am thankful for learning to live, to have friends, to do countless things I’d never done before in my previous isolated life. I am thankful for holidays, parties, outings, and exploring this beautiful land. I will never get to see all of it, but I love what I have seen. I am thankful for snowstorms, and rain, falling leaves over street-lit ball hockey sessions, and warm summer nights where laughter with friends was the only thing unchanging. Cottage bonfires, loons calling over the dark water, and learning what it was to live in joy and discover who I truly am.


I am thankful for the breathtaking Canadian glory that I have only seen a microscopic smidgen of in person. I am thankful for the sparkling curve of Niagara Falls, the deep blue waters off Tobermory, the waterfalls of Hamilton, the striped red Caledon Badlands, and the wild calm beauty of cottage country. I am also thankful for the glittering skyline of Toronto, my shining city.


I am thankful that I can call this place home.


Love and light,

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