Giving Thanks – Day 12, 13

Day 12 – An Appliance I’m Thankful For


This one was a bit of a challenge.  Household appliances are, I do believe, the biggest non-human things we take for granted besides electricity.  I’m certainly thankful for all the appliances in our house, from basic needs such as the microwave and range and fridge, to the fancy items like our Keurig, milk frother, and immersion blender.


But in really thinking about it, I think a washing machine is what I’m most thankful for!


Back when I lived with my husband and MIL, the shared washing machine broke a couple times.  The landlords blamed us each time since we had cats, but the landlords always bought crappy, used machines that never worked right!  So when the machines broke down, I had to put our clothing in a big bucket and wash it all by hand.  Scrub it, soak it, rinse it, wring it all by hand.  What I wouldn’t have given for a washboard and a dang drying rack!!


I do not envy the women who did this all by hand in the days before washing machines!!


Day 13 – A Colour I’m Thankful For


I love all colours, and my favourite is pink, but the colour that came to my mind is green.



Spiritual Meaning of the Colour Green

Green is the verdant colour of nature and the environment, the symbolism of health, youth, fertility, renewal, good luck, and money.

Green is the colour of the fourth or heart chakra.

For overall healing and renewal ~ meditate with Green.

– From


Green is the colour of grass, of whispering leaves… Of forests where my soul leads me to in silent song.



Green is the colour of the heart chakra…



Green is the colour of my and my twin flame’s birthstone via the Tropical Zodiac…



And is therefore the colour of this beautiful ring he gave me…ring



Green is the colour of life, of the Earth, of Nature where I go to ground myself and reconnect my soul…



Green is the grass I walked upon in my Switzerland this summer.





Green is the colour of Christmas trees, and Christmas is my favourite holiday…



Green is my twin flame’s favourite colour… and it makes quite a nice complement to pink, don’t you think? 😉



Drawing I did of my and my twin flame’s dragon characters.



Love and light,


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