Giving Thanks – Day 1

Well, it’s November. My favourite month of the year has come and gone in a flurry of gorgeous leaves and fun times. Speaking of flurries, it snowed last night! It was so beautiful as I stood out in it, shivering from the cold and feeling the chunky snowflakes landing on my face and hair and being blown by the frigid wind rustling through orange and gold leaves. It was pure magic.


My mother, of Whispering Horn, is getting back into blogging this month, and has challenged me to do a daily November blog for giving thanks. I did a similar challenge last year on my old blog and it was a wonderful way to be thankful all month.


Day 1 – A Person I Am Thankful For


Well, since I was challenged to do this daily blog along with her, a person I am VERY thankful for is my mother. I was adopted by her own mother, who ended up being very abusive toward me and because of that, I have many issues that I will be working on for years to come. Debbie – my mother – could only stand back and watch, unable to do a thing, and she regretted not keeping me. My adopted mom treated her like garbage the majority of the time, even though she was her own daughter. Everything Debbie did, my adopted mom would tell me it was wrong and horrible.


This woman is someone I’ve always looked up to, despite all the horrible things my adopted mom tried to beat into my head to convince me otherwise. Debbie and I have very much in common and I was always proud to know I physically resembled her and shared many of her interests and loves, but it was something I had to keep secret. My adopted mom passed away in 2012, and suddenly everyone was free to love. Debbie’s forgiveness came quickly and easily; an embrace of healing and love. For that I am thankful, and I’m thankful for the relationship we have finally been able to build with one another.


Love and light,

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