Giving Yourself Permission (+ FREE Printable)

Hello goddesses, and happy Tuesday to you, wherever you are in the world!

You know how you’ve gone through a good part of your life asking permission to do things? When you were a kid, you asked your parents or teachers. When you became an adult, you probably asked things of you coworkers and boss. You might give permission to other people, or to your children.

But you probably have never given yourself permission to do things.

Seriously. When was the last time you okayed a nice nap, or a lovely treat, or a proper massage, or or a day to just connect to your inner child and just sit and colour or play a game? When’s the last time you gave yourself permission to cry, or punch your pillow, or laugh with abandon at something utterly silly?

In our society, we–especially those who identify as women–are often seen as selfish and narcissistic for concentrating on ourselves for any length of time. And if we have children? Then it’s seen in an even more negative light. And so many of us struggle with self-esteem (or the lack thereof), so doing something nice for ourselves might not ever occur to us at all.

You might not feel like you’re worth being nice to yourself. You might feel that attending to your own well-being is selfish.

But, you know, you’re the only you you’ve got.

And you are pretty damn awesome. And life gets better when you give yourself permission to be kind to yourself and are kind to others, too!

I made this poster for you to print out and hang. Do it for yourself, do it for friends and loved ones, do it for strangers on the street. Hang it up on a bulletin board, tape it to a bus stop, staple it to a pole, or leave it in your apartment lobby.

Give yourself that permission slip today, and spread the permissions around so that others may be kinder to themselves too.


Just print out, cut along the dashed lines, and hang wherever you like!



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