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Hello all and happy Tuesday, wherever you are in the world! Today I’m sharing the first post in my newest blog series – From Art to Finish (thanks to my love for the name!!).

The aim of this series to break my art down into steps and stages, showing the fun progress of what goes into each thing I create. Hopefully I will learn things about my processes as I go, honing in some newfound skills too!

I hope you enjoy this series! I feel I’m going to be having a lot of fun with each post, perhaps inspiring others to make their own art as I go along.

For this piece, I start out with blank watercolour paper in a small book that was hand-bound for me by a lovely lady on Swap-Bot.


The book. It’s full of crappy watercolours that I’ve done.


My little canvas!

I start with a border done in Crayola paint pens (thanks for letting me borrow them, besties!!) and a goddess-y sketch in mechanical pencil (which, by the way, is all I ever use for sketching!)


Now it’s time to lay down some colour! Oof, laid it down a little too hard on her face!


More colour!


Now for some shading, darkening of the hair, and defining the facial details.


Starting to add highlights to the skin, and I’ve added the butterflies!


Here come more details! As you can tell, I’m not exactly the best at watercolours! 😉 But hey, practice is practice, am I right? And they’re a pretty new undertaking for me and… and… and… Just hush, all right?


Time for the background! It was at this point when I wanted to change her nose. It’s a little hard to do once things have been painted over, but have no fear! Well, perhaps fear this blurry photo.


Nose is fixed, just reading for outlining! I also added more skin highlights, enriched the hair further and started adding gold metallic swirls and curls to it, and began working on her crystal talisman.


We’re almost done! Waiting for my white pigment pen to dry so I can finish those outlines. And I noticed how weird her bulgy neck was, so I decided to fix that as well.


And done!!!


Overall, I’m quite happy with how she turned out, especially because I was able to fix the mistakes! Now I’m off to study some watercolour tutorials so everything’s not so dang messy 😉

What does your art process look like, goddesses?



Love and light,

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