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Hello friends! Happy Wednesday, wherever you are in the world! Today’s post is…



The aim of this series to break my art down into steps and stages, showing the fun progress of what goes into each thing I create. I hope you enjoy and perhaps feel inspired 🙂

This drawing is going to be of Terra from Final Fantasy VI. She has a couple different designs, including a couple with green hair, but I wanted to draw the blonde version of her because frankly, my recent drawing of Rydia from Final Fantasy IV made me sick of colouring green things!

Here’s the pencil sketch, which I’ll be inking soon. I drew on smooth marker paper, which bleeds less than if I were to use regular paper. In this particular design, her boots are supposed to have very long, pointy toes… But I ran out of paper, haha!


When my drawings have a lot of detail, I like to focus on one area at a time. I decided to start with her skin. The marker is actually quite light here but was still wet 🙂12189671_10153337409168337_765095363455497165_n

Adding shading to her skin.12189598_10153337409248337_139692198726100806_n

I’ve finished her skin and her eyes, adding highlights with my white pigment pen. I’ve inked her skin outlines and I’ve started working on her hair.12193298_10153337409293337_7466822708463553639_n

Her hair finished. It was really fun to do!

Now I’ve inked the rest of her, and I’m going to erase some of the messier pencil lines 🙂

Here I’ve started colouring all her little details.

All the colouring has been laid down, and now I’m adding all the shading. This is the most tedious part, but it’s fun blending different colours in 🙂

And here she is, all finished with highlights 🙂 I forgot to get a shot between this one and the last. But I love how she turned out, especially her hair and her cloak!

Love and light,

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