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Hello all and happy Wednesday, wherever you are in the world! Today I’m sharing a new post in my blog series called From Art to Finish!

The aim of this series to break my art down into steps and stages, showing the fun progress of what goes into each thing I create. Hopefully I will learn things about my processes as I go, honing in some newfound skills too!

This week I’ve been working on a piece that utilized the gorgeous Derwent Graphitint pencils my friend Ola got me for my birthday.

What I wanted to draw was someone emerging from their own darkness and grasping the light.

We start off with a basic sketch I’ve done in blue pencil.
I’ve started the colouring/painting process by filling in the hair and a bit of background with Graphitint pencils. It looks pretty messy right now, but it’s so fun to go over it with water!14102488_10153988717108337_8470780695256713024_n
Here I’ve started the inking process and added some background washes with both Graphitint pencils and Copic markers.
I inked the hair, added a darker shade to it, and put in a few highlights.
I added some light green pencil and laid a wash of water over top to give warmer shades to the piece.
Her hair, skin, and eyes have been detailed with a Sakura gel pen, and I’ve started laying colours down for her lower half. I haven’t yet figured out what to do with her hands or bodice!
Skirts and background–with more added colour–now washed with water.wip1
More details being added! I added my Derwent Inktense pencils to the darker shades of the skirt and used a purple Graphitint to cool down and darken the top. I used Copic markers for the dark background details.
I figured out what to do with the bodice.
More details and finally the other hand!
I inked everything, added a wisp of light, and darkened the bottom of the dress with a black brush pen and a dark green Copic.
More gold details… and she’s done! 🙂
I hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂


Love and light,

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