Freebie Time! Printable Diary Sheets

Hello lovelies! I hope you’ve gotten a great start to the week, wherever you are in the world!

I’m really excited to share this new freebie with you all! I created this with mental health in mind, as I often find it difficult to care for my mind and keep accountable and productive. I also find it difficult to nurture myself, so creating ritual days of healing and creativity really help me along.

I’m bringing you this little set of printable diary sheets which will help you (and me!) do these things!


  • Daily Diary: Your little space to write about your day and how it affected your mental health. You can circle your current mood as well as your weather for that day, which can sometimes play a part in how you feel.
  • Daily Dialogue: It is my belief that getting all your words out at the beginning of the day, before you do anything else, is key to getting a better start. Barfing all the negative thoughts, worries, and even happy stuff will clear your mind and even make you feel a bit better. Don’t worry about proper grammar or even capitalization. Just spit it out as it comes into your head. Let it fly, swoosh, stab, or grind across the paper.
  • My Goddess Day: Keeping track of your time spent can help keep you accountable and eager to finish tasks and projects. It can be difficult to do so when battling things like depression, so writing them down can help you get the most out of your day!
  • Mood Tracker: Fitting four weeks per sheet, this tracker helps you discover patterns with your mental health. Fill in the bars any way you like with various smileys, bars, or graphs. You’ll begin to notice highs and lows and maybe even crucial triggers that make you feel better or worse, and you can gain insight to report back to your therapist if you have one.
  • Monthly Calendar: Completely customizable, I’ve made this calendar sheet and the Goddess Labels to give you appointments with special days that connect you to your goddess self.
  • Calendar Goddess Labels: There’s a label for every day of the week, and it’s up to you which label is used for which day! You might do Creative Thursdays, or Spa Saturdays, or Adventure Mondays. Make them your weekly or biweekly rituals. Get excited for them. Print ’em off, cut ’em out, and pop ’em onto your calendar!


Click the above image or HERE to download the .zip file! 


I hope you all enjoy these and get good use out of them 🙂


Love and light,

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