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Hi all! Today I’m bringing you a new post in the Food Review series. As Jon and I continue to indulge our tastebuds in our food-rich little city, I bring you our current favourite place for warming comfort food – Tatra Eastern Corner.

Tatra European Corner is a rather unassuming restaurant serving Eastern European eats. I find that all of their food we’ve tried so far is divine comfort food, sure to bring you contentment–especially on colder evenings. The restaurant seems like a tiny slice of Eastern Europe, even down to the TV station on in the background.

Prices here are around mid-range, and average about the same as Jon and I usually pay for a meal out. Starters range from £2.95 to £4.95, and mains from £7.95 to £12.95. The drinks menu is basic, with beer, a few inexpensive cocktails, coffees and some mocktails and spirits, but we always find something we like. They also have something called Tatratea, a tea, fruit, and herb based alcoholic beverage with a high alcohol content (52%, 62%, and 72% options available). We have yet to try this Tatratea, but one day we’re going to go for it! For two of us dining with starters, mains, a drink each and a dessert, our bill comes to around £36.

I feel that it takes a while for food to come out, but this is something I’m patient with and easily forgive because of how delicious it is!

(I didn’t have the soup on this particular visit, but it was smokey and thick and had a fabulous texture.)

Those are fake flowers on the table, but they lent their own kind of charm! We pored over the menus for a while, trying to decide what to get because EVERYTHING looked good!

The homemade cake changes often, and is always served warm.

We ordered drinks and starters. Jon ordered one of the Czech draught beers and really liked it. Not in the mood for a cocktail, I ordered the Grape & Orange mocktail. The orange and grenadine added to this sparkling grape drink made it look like a beautiful sunset! And it was quite refreshing.

My starter was simply labeled “Nibbles”, and the description said they consisted of sausage, cheese, and gherkin. I like all of those things! They came out on a wooden board (as most things are served on these days) and they really couldn’t be called anything else BUT Nibbles. And nibble I did, and gone they were.

Jon’s starter was a plate of the deep-fried pierogi, which were generous in size and gone in minutes. They were flavoursome and satisfying, and definitely moreish. I’m a huge fan of pierogi and had some last time we went, which compelled me to nip to the little European grocery up the other end of Charles Street and buy some frozen to cook at home!

For my main, I got Tatra’s best seller: the Hungarian goulash with bread dumplings. Jon had had this dish the first time we went, and I’d sampled some of it and had turned my eyes heavenward in sheer bliss at the rich, tender beef and succulent sauce, and the soft, doughy bread that sopped up all the liquid in the blink of an eye. So you can understand that I wanted a plate all to myself!

Jon had the Devil’s Pancake. This dish is a potato pancake stuffed with spiced pork, peppers, bacon, and topped with a generous helping of grated cheese. It came with some wonderfully crispy fries and a little salad. I think this is Jon’s favourite thing on the menu so far!

As tempted by the little placard on our table, I ordered the Marlenka honey cake for dessert. For a ready-made boxed cake, this stuff is full of YES! It was several layers of warm, walnutty and honey-y flavours, tasting a bit like a nice autumn day (you could say I’m rather imaginative). I believe the drizzle was maple syrup, which went perfectly with the other flavours. I rather would have liked to have had more!

Jon had the homemade cake of the day: the warm apple strudel with apples and raisins. It, too, was very good!

We left feeling pleasantly full, satisfied, and very content. Ever since our first visit, I’ve had a continual low-key hankering for the goulash and bread dumplings. In fact, I even attempted my own version of goulash and dumplings last Wednesday!

If you’re in Leicester and are in need of comfort food, give Tatra a whirl!


Tatra Eastern Corner
1 Newport Place, Northampton Street, Leicester



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