Food Review – Rickshaw Rick’s

EDIT SUMMER 2018 – Rickshaw Rick’s is currently closed for maintenance and have not said when they will reopen. I will remove this note from this post once they do that!


Hi everybody! Today’s adventure is the second in my restaurant and food posts.

With my food reviews, I won’t promise fancy, in-depth reviews of all the textures and tastes and quality. I won’t promise the kind of good photos that true food bloggers take. I will, however, promise you my honest reviews of ALL THIS FOOD, and I hope that when you’re in Leicester you’ll be tempted to try something new.

This post is about a restaurant that Jon and I had wanted to try ever since we moved to Leicester, but just somehow never got around to it. It’s right on Granby Street, home of most of our favourite places to eat. I hope you’re ready for more slightly terrible photos!

It’s Rickshaw Rick’s Global Cantina!

Ahem. I do apologize, didn’t get a photo of the outside, and I’d include one from Streetview but they parked a white van in front of it, so it would’ve been a terrible screenshot. So just imagine a crisp, clean white front with an awning.

Rickshaw Rick’s serves up comfort food with a fun street food vibe. If you’re looking for pizzas, noodles, platters, or just some cocktails or sundaes, then you’ve found your place! The restaurant, brightly lit by vintage-esque bulbs (what trendy restaurant DOESN’T have these bulbs at this point?), is a melding of various Asian decor and artwork, as well as a rather tropical vibe in the waiting area by the front door.

They offer an express lunch for £2.99, which includes jerk chicken wings, wok fried noodles, chicken tikka salad, and even your classic fish & chips. There’s also plenty of drinks on this menu, all at the typical price of £6-£8.50. The express lunch is from 11:30am to 5pm, but so far Jon and I haven’t managed to get there early enough for that.

We’ve been three times so far for dinner, and only once have we had to actually sit in the waiting area as a table was prepared for us. The staff are all friendly and attentive, and our food arrives quickly. I think drinks are a bit slow, but I’m not sure if that’s a backlog of preparation or not. It’s not slow enough to be a real bother, though!

The first two times we went, I had the street cart noodles. I love the customization with these; you can have either Chow Mein or Pad Thai with your choice of chicken, shrimp, pork, or tofu. Or you can have Hanging Noodles with a choice of meats that include 5-spiced duck, hoisin beef, chicken katsu, Korean beef, Thai shrimp, and the vegetarian option of teriyaki mushrooms. I kept it simple and had chow mein with shrimp.

Jon’s dish shown in the below picture was a Loco Moco–a blend of Asian burger patties and fried rice. There are a few mouth-watering types of Loco Moco, and Jon went for the Korean bbq burger wither kimchi fried rice. Both our dishes smelled REALLY DANG GOOD™ when they came to our table!

And they tasted mighty fine, too. My shrimp-laden noodles had a nice spicy kick to them, but not enough to make me fall out of my chair begging for water or anything silly like that. I liked it enough to have it twice in a row!

The second time we went, Jon had their Balle Balle pizza, and I was so fascinated by it that I had to get it the third time we went.

What the heck is THAT? you’re probably asking! Well, let me tell you! It’s a tricolour chicken (or paneer) tikka with mint chutney, makhani sauce, mango chutney, coriander, and a smoked yogurt drizzle. Jon had his with chicken, but I chose paneer because I’d probably do anything for a bit of paneer or halloumi. It was such a good combination of flavours! I think my favourite part was the part with the mint chutney, which was on the left of the photo (if you couldn’t tell by the green).

Here’s a look at the desserts and drinks section of the evening menu. I always have a mocktail – the Rickcolada is lovely and refreshing, and the Mango & Fennel Lassi is very interesting with the fennel seeds’ liquorice-like appeal. Jon has had the Takalua’s Tipple, which was very tasty! The cocktails look good too, despite the rather problematically named Ladyboy Martini in their midst (which is the drink Jon had in the photo with my Rickcolada).

We have yet to try any of their shakes or sundaes, but by the looks of them when we see them delivered to other patrons, they’re bloody HUGE and quite elaborate! Move over, dessert parlours!

On one of our visits, we ended our meal with a pot of milky masala chai tea. We both found it quite weak in comparison to places we’ve had it before (*cough* Kayal and Chaiiwalla, both on our dear ode Granby Street). So I don’t think we’d get that again, but at least there’s plenty on the menu to choose from instead.

As Rickshaw Rick’s has become one of our go-tos in the city centre, I’m sure we’ll return very soon for another trendy meal!

If you want to give it a go, it’s located at 32 Granby Street, Leicester, LE1 1DE.

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