Food Review – Grounded Kitchen

Hi all! Today I’m bringing you a new post in the Food Review series. As Jon and I continue to indulge our tastebuds in our food-rich little city, I bring you one of our favourite places for lunch or a light dinner – Grounded Kitchen.

I appreciate the fresh, interesting Nourish Bowls and Thirst Quenchers here. They’re bursting with fantastic orgies of colours and flavours and keep Jon and I quite satisfied and also low-key craving them days and weeks after we’ve indulged. I like that they have vegetarian, vegetarian, and gluten-free options on their menu and like to keep things fairly clean. Their food makes me feel full and rejuvenated, not laden down and cruddy like somewhere that has loads of grease or bread.  I’m not full-time vegetarian just yet and am more of a flexitarian, but I really like finding restaurants like these.

However, we’ve always had trouble ordering them from Deliveroo. 95% of the time our orders were rejected due to the restaurant or the riders being too busy, but twice we managed to actually score an order. So when Grounded Kitchen opened up a location on King Street, which is within walking distance from our flat, Jon and I were quite excited and made a visit after the initial opening-day crowd had quieted down to an everyday pace.

From those successful online orders, Jon and I immediately established favourites in Grounded Kitchen’s Nourish Bowls. And this time, we finally ordered their very appealing Thirst Quenchers. I had Brain Power, which was lush with blackberry, blueberry, banana and blackcurrant juices. Jon’s was Strength, made with coconut milk and pineapple juice. I didn’t think they would come topped with the granola, slivered almonds, coconut and fresh fruit, but have you ever seen me complain about unexpected tidbits? We had to use our forks to dig out all the goodness when we were done with them.

I stuck with my favourite bowl – the Edamame & Sweet Potato Bowl. Under this smooth layer of Japanese yum sauce and gochujang (red chilli paste) hid many layers of fresh deliciousness. Spinach, avocado, roasted sweet poato, peppers, grounded kimchi, cucumber, carrots, chestnut mushrooms, and edamame beans on top of short grain rice. There’s also fresh chillies, chilli flakes, and the rather obvious sesame seeds, spring onions, and coriander on top. It’s an rainbow explosion of natural taste, each one distinct and flavoursome.  As always, it was enjoyable to the very last grain of rice. Like their Buddha Bowl, the Edamame & Sweet Potato bowl can skip the yum sauce to make it vegan.

Afterwards, we decided to get some tea to go. Jon got some moringa tea and I got a matcha latte made with almond milk and agave syrup. We both found the moringa to be interesting and unusual, and the latte was smooth and mild and, refreshingly, wasn’t stuffed with the intense sweetness of the green tea latte I always loved at a certain international coffee chain with a green logo.

For fresh, satisfying ingredients and sauces and drinks, I recommend Grounded Kitchen to anyone I know. From a good Nourish Bowl to one of the Smoothie Bowls to a chilled kombucha or a superfood latte, I think you’ll be quite pleased this summertime!

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