First Review – Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!

I come to you today with my very first review on the blog. Don’t worry, I don’t intend to turn Goddess Within into a full-time review site! But I thought some fun little reviews every now and then wouldn’t hurt, since this is really a slice of life blog and I love to share!

Before I begin, I’d like to clarify that I have not been asked to write this review, nor am I being compensated for it in any way. My reviews are purely my opinion, and my opinion is honest.

Anyway, here we go!

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 8 is an instant camera that shoots out credit card sized photos. It’s pretty darn cute and while it seems to be more geared for teens, I absolutely love it. Jon got it for me as a surprise when he came to visit me in Canada, and I was so excited because I’d been planning on getting one for a couple years. Obviously he got it in PINK! What other colour would you guys expect?
11693999_10153155363818337_85247638772393976_nExcuse the fact that mine is a wee bit dirty; I take it everywhere! The camera is simply adorable and comes in seven colours: pink, light blue, yellow, purple, raspberry red, white, and black. It tends to retail for around $90-$100 in Canada with 10 shots of film, more if you get it with a double pack of film. However, I have seen it go for $59 with one pack of film at Pacific Mall in Markham, which was where I was originally going to buy it.

The film itself is $20 for a two-pack, so it’s a steep price to pay if you plan on taking lots of pictures, some of which may well be sacrificed when practicing with the camera’s settings. It will remind you to really consider the photos you’re taking, something we often take for granted with the awesome advent of digital cameras.

The viewfinder on this camera is only there as a general guide, really. It does not reflect what the lens sees. I ended up with several fudged pictures because I didn’t notice this!

When you remove the film container from its packaging, load it just like this and snap it in without pressing on the film itself.
11702765_10153155364018337_8556930740203636218_nThe camera has different brightness settings to use depending on what lighting you’re in. Frankly, it’s a toy camera, and it’s not designed to take incredible shots in low light or with awesome white balance. There is no zoom or real focus. Even in the best situations, it may not take the best pics for the setting you used. Well, more like it probably won’t, but that’s the messy (and expensive) beauty of the Mini 8. If you want better/more settings, I’d suggest getting something like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 (which I may “upgrade” to eventually!).
11752553_10153155657578337_2626793704848713422_nFrom left, you have Indoors/Night, Cloudy/Shade, Sunny/Slightly Cloudy, and Sunny/Bright. I find Sunny/Slightly Cloudy works the best for me for outdoor shots in sunny conditions, and may just be the best setting. It gives me awesome, rich colours and details that are hard to believe such a tiny photo can have!

There are a bunch of really cute accessories for the Instax, from photo albums to frames, frame stickers, effect lenses, and cases. If you do a search on Amazon and eBay for these accessories, you’ll see lots of things! Amazon is also where I’m going to be buying more film, because it’s cheaper there to buy it in bulk. Everything is quite inexpensive as well (besides the film), and you can usually find really nice sets that come with a bunch of things.

I purchased a macro lens with selfie mirror, a photo album, and some frame stickers from eBay.

The lens lets you take pictures much closer up, and the selfie mirror does exactly what you’d expect. It pretty much just snaps on with a little twist, but don’t forget to take it off again when you want to do regular pictures, or you’ll get a lot of blur!11694945_10153155364133337_733026005803854257_nTo take the lens off without damaging the camera, place your fingertip on the edge of the cover (the part that pops out when you turn on the camera) to keep it steady, then use your other hand to carefully turn the macro lens counter-clockwise. It should easily pop off. And the more you use it, the easier it gets to take off! Your finger should be right around here:
00075795b7181839480458d20edcea8c7cb2564164661d6ebd71b47a8c4ec851                                                                                                                                                                    But don’t lose it!

This is the photo album I bought. It’s utterly adorable and tiny compared to traditional albums! It has a spot on the cover to put a photo, and because I completely messed one up for some reason, I cleverly used it to write on with a metallic silver pen and used that.
11707534_10153155364303337_4771083152865383711_nYou can see the photo stickers I use! You just peel them off and cover the white part of your pics. Wabam!!!
11781762_10153155364348337_5029089656302674344_n When you peel them off the sheets, they leave behind rectangles that I ended up using on the insides of the front and back covers because I wanted to add a bigger splash of colour to the album, which is very plain inside.
11822553_10153155364413337_7460156017134815282_nSo if you want a cute, colourful little camera that does very little and if you have money to spend on the film, the Mini 8 is probably worth it, especially if you are a fan of toy cameras! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to collect more accessories for all my instant camera needs!

Love and light,


  1. Lizelle says:

    Recently got one myself in blue after really really wanting it for way too long, mine is blue and oh how I LOVE it. Just need to save for more film now haha

    • Mary says:

      Yeah!! If Jon hadn’t picked pink, I’m not sure what colour I would have gone for. I really like the blue and yellow, but the pink is fab 😀 I’m on my third roll (well I guess it’s not so much a roll as it is a… slab?) of film, so I need to get more soon!

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