My Favourite Essential Art Products

Hello all! Happy Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. Today I’m sharing with you my favourite essential art products that make me love drawing even more!

favesNote that the links I’ve provided for each product aren’t necessarily the ONLY place you can get them from! I’ve gotten my Derwent blenders loose from an art supply store (Curry’s in southern Ontario), my correction fluid from the dollar store, and the white Sakura Gelly Roll pen from Amazon.

Uniball Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil


Hands down, this pencil is the best one I’ve ever used. When I was seeking out a new drawing pencil at Staples last November, Liat pointed me to this one. I usually prefer a smaller 0.5mm pencil, but the 0.7 is pretty great. It comes with a small pack of NanoDia graphite, and is designed to not break the graphite off when you drop it or hit it off something (and I do both of those things a LOT). I’ve gotta say, I’ve never had it break on me! I’m seriously thinking about buying another one just to have it around in case I lose the current one.

Get the starter set with NanoDia graphite here

Uni NanoDia Low-Wear Graphite


I discovered this graphite when I bought the above pencil! It lies down beautifully, takes forever to use up, and is hard to break (which is mostly due to the way the pencil is made). The starter pack comes with few pieces, but in eleven months I’ve only used up five. With any other pencil and graphite, I would’ve used an entire pack by now!

Get it here in various hardnesses

Staedtler Inking Pens


I’ve used a few kinds of fineliners in my time. I mostly stick to Sakura Micron pens because they’re cheap and are often on sale at art stores, but in England I bought a set of Staedtlers because they were on sale. These pens last for ages, they don’t go brown over time (as Sakura pens are wont to do, lament some of my artist friends), and I find they apply much more smoothly than anything else I’ve ever used. They’re a bit pricier, yes, but so worth it if you buy a set of them!

I have them in 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, and 0.8. I find that 0.05, 0.1, and 0.3 are the most important of these.

Get a set of four here

Derwent Blender


This handy little tool easily blends my coloured pencil work a smooth finish, which is something I think everyone who works with coloured pencils wants!

I got my blender loose at an art store, but online I can only seem to find them as sets with two blenders and two burnishers (which create a nice polish).

Get a set here

Staedtler Black Eraser


I’ve found that most erasers I’ve used would do a mediocre job at erasing graphite lines once I’ve inked a piece. These black erasers, however, do such an amazing job that it’s as though I haven’t sketched at all. They also last a long time!

This particular eraser has been discontinued, but you can get the Rasoplast erasers in black on the official website

KUM Black Ellipse Sharpener


For ages I’ve struggled to find a good sharpener that WON’T break my fragile Prismacolor coloured pencils but WILL sharpen my hardy Derwents to fine points. Liat and Alora purchased one of these, and I followed suit a couple months later after seeing how nice it is. It’s super-sharp and the shavings stay in the contained area, so you don’t need to sit over a wastebasket while you’re doing your thing.

Get one here  

Sakura Gelly Roll pen in White


I’m a HUGE fan of Sakura products, especially their wide range of gel pens. These give awesome effects to finished pieces, adding sparkle or shine wherever you want it. For adding highlights and fixing small outside-the-lines marker bleeds, I’ve not used a white gel pen better than Sakura’s. And they’re super cheap, too, so you can get singles or get packs of them (which I highly recommend).

Get a set of three here 

Correction Fluid


Made a mistake in ink that you can’t erase? Want to add some really neat effects to finish up a fully coloured or inked piece? Correction fluid is pretty fun to work with, and has saved my bum several times already with pieces I’ve thought ruined due to smudged ink or a sudden Copic bleed.

Get some here

Small Ruler


Rulers are pretty handy for making straight lines in your work. Keeping a small one in your pencil case, or whatever you use to carry your supplies around, is very useful! I paid £0.49 at Wilko for mine, but you can get one from pretty much anywhere.

A Smooth Drawing Surface


I love good, smooth paper on which to use my coloured pencils and markers (especially with little bleeding on the latter).

Get bristol board here

What are your essential art supplies?


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