Exciting day today!

Hello goddesses, and a very happy Monday to you, wherever you are in the world!

Today I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

I’ve completed the online portion of the UK visa application!

I was obsessively checking through the application all night and all this morning, slipping in a good four hours’ sleep in-between, and finally satisfied that paranoia enough to hit that scary purple “Confirm Application” button.

excitingAll the green means those are sections I have completed. Yay! And man, that “Confirming” button… so exciting, yet so very terrifying!

I’ve booked my biometrics appointment for the 31st to give plenty of time for Jon’s documents to get here and for me to get everything printed out. The appointment is the final step, and I get a photo and my fingerprints taken before they package and ship off my application for me.

And then will come the most nerve-wracking part yet: Waiting for a decision.

But having to do the application and everything was probably the scariest part for me. I was dreading it for many months now. And now that it’s complete and I just have a few more things to do before it gets sent in? I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I feel so much LIGHTER! We’ve paid the three separate payments. My inbox is flooded with confirmations from the visa website.

I could seriously dance for joy right now!


Love and light,

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