Deck the Halls

Day 9 – Christmas Traditions


We always put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Sometimes it would be Thanksgiving night, but it depended on how full and sleepy we were after all that food.  It usually took the entire weekend to decorate because my parents and I had so many ornaments and decorations between us!


On Christmas week, Dad would take us out driving to go see all the pretty outdoor lights around town.


One tradition I mentioned the other day was where Mom would give me nine candy canes to put on the tree on Christmas Eve, all for Santa’s reindeer.


I also mentioned that we got our first drinks of egg nog on Christmas Eve, while opening one present from a non-immediate family member.


And on Christmas Day, we always had Mom’s homemade lasagna for dinner!









Photography Challenge Day 9 – Cozy



Look at these cute new Tim Horton’s cups for the holidays! So cute! This is a candy cane dark hot chocolate, and it was GOOD! Talk about cozy, on a chilly day with a sky laden with rain and snow.   I met my ex’s mother after our doctor appointments today (we share the same GP and our appointments are always within 10 minutes of each other’s every month) and we had drinks and muffins at the mall.  It was quite nice and I’m thankful we get along so well, even now 🙂


Love and light,


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