Deck the Halls

Day 15 – Christmas Visitors


When I was little and we lived in western New York, we weren’t around a lot of people.  One year my bio mom and my siblings came up from Virginia, but usually it was our family friends, Jeanne and Teresa, who lived up the road.


When we moved to Kentucky to be near my grandmother, she and my eldest sister (who was living with her at the time) would come over on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and my biomom and other siblings would come over since the drive was far shorter from Virginia, haha!


Once we moved to Virginia, my entire immediate family eventually wound up living in the same small area.   So our tradition was first everyone coming over on Christmas Eve to have a party with music, food, and gift exchanging.   Then when my eldest sister and her family moved into a larger house, we moved the Christmas Eve party over there.  Because of how busy and hectic everyone ended up being that day with other parties and events, we changed the party date to the Saturday before Christmas.


Here in Canada, I haven’t had any Christmas visitors.  But this year, our friend Kathy is coming over to share Christmas dinner with us! It should be lovely 🙂  Liat and I are making turkey with stuffing, Yorkshire puddings, cranberry sauce, homemade mashed potatoes, and some vegetable we haven’t decided upon yet.




Photography Challenge Day 15 – Favourite Christmas Movie

I have a lot of movies I love, but this one has always been my fave (mostly because I’m a sucker for anything from the 1940s):







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