Giving Thanks – Day 4 and PBP – V is for Visualization

Woohoo, post combining time, fellow goddesses!


  Giving Thanks Day 4 – A Trinket I’m Thankful For


These wee jars were made by my youngest sister, Rebecca.  She said to shake them whenever I’m feeling depressed, and I have shaken them countless times since I received them in the mail.  They are two of my favourite possessions (other than my triquetra soapstone box my twin flame gave me, but I don’t have a picture of it as it’s packed up from my move!).  I was very close to Rebecca and I feel such great love and pride for her as I watch her become a beautiful, smart and fiery woman, and I hope to always have these little jars with me wherever my life takes me.



  Pagan Blog Project – V – Visualization 


My topic for this letter is visualization.   It’s something that you can imagine in your self, or your life, or really anything.  It can help with whatever spell you want to cast, and it can help your life become what you visualize once you give to the universe.  Once you know what you want to strive for, it may become easier.


For years, I visualized myself becoming confident, wise,  and absolutely connected to my wild woman spirit.  Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of “Simple Abundance”, calls this the Golden Mirror Meditation and it’s a wonderful stepping stone to becoming who you really are, who you’ve always been.


The life I’ve always visualized has been one of comfort; a pretty little house somewhere, with a nice back yard where I can have a vegetable and herb garden and have chickens.  Somewhere with a window seat and plenty of love.


The partner I’ve always visualized has been exactly like my twin flame.


These things, of course, aren’t always reached easily.  They have to be sought out, worked for.  Visualizing doesn’t automatically give us what we want, but throwing that energy out to the universe is never a bad thing!



Love and light,


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