Jingle All the Way

Day 3 – Christmas Cards


Christmas cards are a joy to me that is a last vestige of the art of letter writing.  I was always excited when we would start receiving cards starting December 1st, sometimes earlier, when I was a child.  Mom would hang them all up with Scotch tape, all along doorframes or on mirrors.  I loved the sparkle, the card scenes, the messages wishing my household goodwill for the holiday season and new year.


When I got older and made friends online and joined forums and groups and made more friends, I discovered the joy of all the cards coming to ME!   I loved sending them out, because not only were my friends and family going to get Christmas cheer in the mail, but I was supporting our post offices!


With all messages and letters being written online these days, maybe we should revive the art of sending beautiful mail and cards out again to friends new and old.  I’m sending out some this year, myself!






Photo Challenge Day 3 – Candle


I love candles, but Christmas ones are that much more special to me.  I picked up this beauty a couple weeks ago… not lit, but still lovely!





Love and light,

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